Ugly Duckings Beauty Tips

Hello! My name is Rose, and here are my favourite beauty, make-up and fashion tips!



LUCIA’S STYLE: How would you describe your style? My style changes by season and actually almost by day, it really depends on my mood. However, if I have to choose a way to describe it I would say classic with a modern twist…edgy.

INSPIRATION: Everything inspires me. I’m just attracted to thing of every day life. Currently for the past three months I have been inspired by street style. It is wonderful to see how people can get different mix of patterns and colors together that I would never imagine or think of trying together. 

IF YOU HAD TO WEAR ONE ITEM EVERYDAY WHAT WOULD IT BE? Oh no! This question is so hard! Maybe my black leather boots? These boots are gorgeous and really comfortable, and my leggings.. can’t live without them

WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST FASHION MEMORY? I remember reading Vogue with my mom and that’s where I think my love for fashion first happened

FASHION FAMILY:  I don’t have to think about it twice, BALMAIN! For me it is the best brand ever, very edgy and amazing

SPRING AWAKENING: Lots of color and my white Converse, and of course I never forget the sunnies.

SUMMER LOVIN: Every summer I go to the beach to run and exercise, it is very relaxing, and lately I have been listening to Rihanna and Avicii They both have this amazing vibe in their music that I love. And about the summer clothes: shorts, shorts and more shorts in every single color! I have at least 30 pairs of them. Sunnies (my favorite are heart shaped) and ray ban! I can’t live without them and I always remember to protect my skin with sun block, I don’t want wrinkles.